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Women's Kimono Undergarment

Underwear for kimonos is called "Nagajuban" in Japanese.
It looks really fancy to show a little bit of its collar
from beneath the collar of the kimono.

In addition, it prevents your yukata kimono or Japanese kimono
getting wet with sweat.

For Yukata Kimono & Japanese Kimono

Brand new underwear. Showing the collar of the underwear from beneath your yukata kimono looks very beautiful and fancy.


  • - Can be used with both yukata kimonos & Japanese kimonos.
  • - Easy-care and very functional; mostly, they are made from polyester or cotton which can be easily washed.
  • * All items are brand new.

For Furisode Kimono & Japanese Kimono

Underwear for long-sleeved kimono(Furisode) and Japanese kimono. They are very nice and soft with beautiful patterns. We recommend wearing them under Japanese kimonos.


  • - Long-sleeved underwear can be used with furisode kimonos.
  • - Underwear with normal sleeves can be used with Japanese kimonos.
  • - Most of them are made of pure silk.
  • - All items are from kimono auctions. Every one is a one of a kind.
  • * Detailed condition of each item is on the product page.