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[Kids] Yukata Set & Jibei for Boys

Jinbei and yukata kimono are worn for events in the summer or for casual events. In autumn and winter, you can enjoy them at indoor events or as your lounge wear. You can enjoy them during all seasons.

A jinbei is a two-piece outfit. The top has short sleeves and slits on both sides. The bottom is like short-pants. You don't need an obi belt to wear jinbei.

The yukata set includes a yukata kimono, a koshi himo, and an obi belt at a reasonable price.

  • * All the items are brand new.

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  • 3-4 Years Old
  • 5-6 Years Old
  • 7-8 Years Old
  • 9-10 Years Old
  • 11-12 Years Old
  • 13-14 Years Old