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Yukata kimono market sakura   

We sell beautiful Japanese yukata and kimonos to world wide.
Our Japanese Yukata and kimono are very affordable. We know that you will see the magic and beauty of our yukata and kimono culture once you see our products!
We also guarantee that you will find only the highest quality and most original products on our site. I am sure that you do not want to buy cheaply made imitations which are not Japanese originals.
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Yukata kimono / Delux, Standard
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Kimono / Silk, Vintage, Traditional
Under wear for kimono
Obi belt and Geta sandal set
Obi belts
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Yuzo Mishima
Hello. I am Yuzo Mishima from Japan and the manager of Yukata kimono market sakura.  

My vision is to share the beautiful Japanese kimono and yukata culture with the world from my home in Tokyo, Japan.  

I personally gurantee the best kimono and yukata quality of our products.  Please be assured that we will refund you in case you find our products not sastifactory. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to help you out with any questions you might have.  
Please have fun and enjoy the wonderful kimono and yukata displayed on this site!

Please also come visit my home country Japan when you have the chance and experience our unique and fascinating culture!

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Geta sandal for women

Home > Geta sandal > Women Geta sandal
Gata sandal
Gata sandal
When you go out with a kimono or yukata kimono, please wear geta. Geta are the traditional Japanese sandals.
Japanese Geta usually don`t fit the foot perfectly, but leave more or less room depending on the person.

Large (Regular) for women
Size Large (Regular)
Full length 25.5cm/10inch
American 7-9
European 38-40
Medium (Small) for women
size Medium (Small)
Full length 24cm / 9.5inch
American 5-6.5
European 36-37.5
Plus & Wide for women
Size PlusWide size
Full length 27cm/10.62inch
American Over 9.5
European Over 42.5
Large & Wide for women
Size LargeWide size
Full length 26cm/10.23inch
American 8.5-9.5
European 41-42.5

Pokkuri Geta sandal
Size Medium (Small)
Full length 24cm / 9.5inch

Our world-wide happy customers

We have many satisfied customers all over the world.
A lot of them sent us notes of thanks and photographs with them wearing the yukata kimono and kimono.
We are grateful to all of them.Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy happy kimono life.

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Do you have any question ?
If you have any questions,
please feel free drop us a line.
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Express shipping
We normally ship via airmail. For another $10, we can send it via Express Mail Service.
Returned good policy
We guarantee your money back if you are not satsified with your product.As long as you haven`t used them within one week after you receive the product.
We ship product to worldwide.
Small Packets, Registered Air Mail.
Delivery will be made in 6 - 10 days.
Express mail service.
Delivery will be made in 3-5 days. It costs an additional 10 dollars
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How will the order and the delivery take place?
1. You order some products on our website.
2. When We ship your products, we email you.
3. You will receive your products.
4. You can enoy wearing Yukata and kimono !